Who we are. . .

We are a small but very passionate team of party decorators, headed up by Sarah, the Think Bubble Party Studios founder and ‘our great leader’.

Closely followed by Daisy, Sally, Sophie & Ted (he’s the dog).

Think Bubble logo on a star balloon
Sarah Dillow, our founder


Founder & Party Decorator

Five years ago, in a quaint village in Kent, Sarah opened a party shop – she called it Think Bubble – and it was filled floor to ceiling with the prettiest party things you ever did see.

After 18 months in the bricks n’ mortar shop, Sarah realised that her biggest strengths weren’t in competing with the stack it high, high-street retailers – but instead with offering her discerning customers an array of unique and individually designed party products.

Think Bubble Version 2 was born – Sarah relocated and now enjoys studio-life rather than retail-life.With the help of her team, she now has a studio with white walls, work stations and great lighting.And, in the pursuit of new party prettiness, the freedom to make as much creative mess as she likes.

Today, Think Bubble Party Studios continues to grow with the same love for thoughtful celebrations, and a passionate team to match.

Thoughtful Celebrations

Meet the rest of our team…


Party Decorating Assistant

Daisy joined the Bubble in 2018 on work experience – she was so good, she wasn’t allowed to leave!

Specialist skills include assembling balloon bouquet beauties & crafted Orbz! She’s the kind of person who does the jobs you didn’t even realise needed to be done, and always with a smile. Oh, and she makes a mean cheese and salt ‘n‘ vinegar crisp sandwich.


Party Decorating Assistant

Sally has been flying the Think Bubble flag since the early days – a real Ambassador in the wonderful world of personalised parties!

Great fun to work with, alongside her passion for parties, she’s super creative and always has tons of bright ideas up her sleeve. Be warned though, she’s one of those milky tea people – our in-house training continues to try and educate her on this matter.


Marketing & Admin Assistant

Sophie is our style Queen, she has a great eye for colours and composition – and always tells us if something’s not up to scratch – thanks Soph!

She’s always in the know on who’s doing, dating and wearing what in the celeb world, and the Studio’s correspondent on what’s new. Unusual skills include accents, she’s nailed the Northern twang, down under, and a bit of Geordie, her Welsh needs some work.


Head of Security (& the Cuteness Dept)

And they call it puppy love, oh I guess Ted will never know – he knows… he’s got the rest of the team wrapped around his little paw!

Last but most certainly not least. Ted’s energy and enthusiasm knows no bounds, unless he’s just gone for a long walk, then there’s a very, very short break if you keep quiet. Outside of work, Ted is planning to be big on Instagram, and is available for sponsored posts, if anyone from Lily’s kitchen is reading? (other dog food brands are also available, and would be considered).


We are OPEN for online orders & doorstep deliveries!