‘Tutti-Fruity’ Mini Balloons & Confetti Filled Bubble


Arr, these are so pretty … a beautiful, clear 40cm bubble balloon, filled with 12 mini balloons and matching confetti.  So how did those little balloons get in THERE??!!  Well, we can’t tell you that, that’s the Think Bubble magic.  The bubble is finished with a matching paper garland tail, satin ribbons and weighted. Choose your own colours too, just let us know if you’d like alternative colours.

You also have the option to add wording and personalise your Bubble Balloon too.  Just click the ‘Yes please’ option in the drop down box.  Then let us know what you’d like us to write, in up to 30 characters, in the Additional Notes box at Checkout.

They proudly stand 5ft tall.  They should happily float around for up anything from 7-14 days (our record is 4 weeks!).