The 3m Balloon Garland


Gone are the days of single rows of helium-filled balloons lined up on fishing wire over doorways…oh no, we can do way better than that! How about an organic balloon arch that rollercoasts its way from the floor, up and over doorways or across a feature wall? Organic balloons are a true work of art. We can make up custom balloon colour schemes, mix in big balloons with tiny ones, confetti filled ones, shiny ones, even printed ones…

Our 3m balloon garlands are handmade, by us, according to your specifications. We allow for 3m of balloon garland that we can bend and shape to fit. It will be made up of a minimum of 100 balloons up to 250 if we’re creating custom colours for you and all in a mix of sizes and finishes selected specifically to work with your theme. We can add some flowers too to finish, or just keep it simple and fully load it with lots of gorgeous different sizes and textures of balloons.

We will make up your garland in our studio, in sections, and then bring it to the party. On site, we will fit it in place and add the last minute finishing touches. You might want it over the doorway, or perhaps over the cake to create a backdrop, or up the stairs, it’s flexible! Then our work is done and it’s all yours! Good luck getting it in the car after the party!

Please note

As our balloons are supplied fully inflated, we currently supply online orders in Kent only. Deliveries further afield are only available for orders over £200 but would be subject to availability. Please contact us.

Product add ons

Our additional decor products are designed to help you add some extra WOW factor to your celebrations. If you've selected and personalised one of our balloon packages or personalised products, why not top it up? Add some extra decorations to your party space with any of these gorgeous, customisable balloon products...