The Balloon Wall


If you’re a fully paid up member of the, ‘Complete Balloon Fanatics Society’, like us, then you will LOVE this balloon wall! Nothing screams, ‘PARTY!’ louder than a spectacular wall of BALLOONS! And we do make SPECTACULAR walls of balloons! These are serious fun, 400 balloons all meshed together to form a solid 2.5m x 2.2m backdrop of gorgeousness! Any colours, and actually any size (alternative sizes available by request), our walls are free standing and so we can build them wherever you want them. We will prepare your wall in our studio here at HQ, and then load it into the van in sections and bring it to the party. Once onsite, we’ll get building, linking all the sections together and finishing off with some finer details.

Once it’s up, it’s yours to keep! (We will need to pop back and pick up the frame at some point after the party though). Good luck getting it home! Now just, pick your colours, we’ll do the rest!

Backstories: So, the main picture is a showcase wall constructed here at HQ for a photoshoot. The stunning, metallic wall was an absolute beauty, and a beast at 5m wide! (This was a Custom Creation). Constructed at the fabulously quirky, The Night Yard, nr Canterbury, for our gorgeous couple who specifically wanted a big shiny metallic wall of balloons to get married in front of. We certainly gave them that! The last picture was a gorgeous 30th birthday party at The Barnyard, Upchurch with giant 30 light up numbers supplied by Light of My Life.

Please note

As our balloons are supplied fully inflated, we currently supply online orders in Kent only. Deliveries further afield are only available for orders over £200 but would be subject to availability. Please contact us.

Product add ons

Our additional decor products are designed to help you add some extra WOW factor to your celebrations. If you've selected and personalised one of our balloon packages or personalised products, why not top it up? Add some extra decorations to your party space with any of these gorgeous, customisable balloon products...