Pop-Up Rainbow Confetti Bubble-in-a-Box


A magical box full of rainbows! This giant mystery box (50cm x 50xm x 45cm) arrives all sealed and intriguing, with an ‘OPEN HERE’ sticker on it…what could possibly be inside?? Carefully break the seal and lift the lid…peel back the tissue paper layers… wOAH!! Up floats a beautiful, helium filled, rainbow bubble balloon, filled with paper confetti, and it’s even got their name on it too!

Bubbles measure approximately 45cm diameter, are filled with helium and stand 4ft high. They are finished with coordinating satin ribbons and are weighted with a Think Bubble branded box weight. They should happily float around for 7-10 days (up to a maximum of 3 weeks). However, the writing will start to lift as the balloon deflates over time but should look its best for 3-5 days.

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As our balloons are supplied fully inflated, we currently supply online orders in Kent only. Deliveries further afield are only available for orders over £200 but would be subject to availability. Please contact us.

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