Naughty Elf’s Arrival Personalised Confetti Filled Bubble Balloon


It’s that time of year again…..those cheeky elves are BACK!!  If this is the first year you’re experiencing this naughtiness, we’ve got your elf ready for you, or if you’re staging your Naughty Elf’s re-arrival, this year they can float in on a personalised, confetti-filled bubble balloon…..!  Choose either option below, (and bring your Elf to one of our Studios before 29th November if you have one).  He’s carrying a special message card, so just let us know what that needs to say (up to 25 words), and your child’s name too, we’ll organise the rest.

Bubble balloons measure 30cm diameter and the whole piece stands approx 1m high.  They are finished with a stack of 8 balloons and ribbon.  They should happily float around for 7-10 days (up to 3 weeks).  However, the writing or imagery will eventually start to lift as the balloon deflates over time.  They should look their best for up to 3 days.


Tell us what you’d like us your child’s name and what to write on your message card (up to 25 words)…


Build your own

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