Mother’s Day Confetti Bubble Balloon


Your Mum will love her gorgeous over-sized bubble balloon, especially as she, so IS, an, ‘absolute BABE!’.  It’s approximately 45cm in diameter and very pretty.  Filled with tissue paper confetti and finished with a matching paper garland tail, satin ribbons and the words, ‘Happy Mother’s Day Mum (You absolute BABE!)’!  Her bubble will be weighted with a flower box filled with, super pretty, artificial, pink flowers and coordinating mini balloons that cascade out of the box and over the top.   The whole balloon from the top of the bubble to the bottom of the base measures approx. 1.5m tall, so it should stand comfortably on the table and float up to just below ceiling height.  It should also happily float around for up anything from 7-14 days (our record is 4 weeks!).

Please note that the wording is vinyled on to the outside of the balloon.  Balloons will shrink gradually over time.  This causes the lettering to slowly lift.  Having said that, your balloon should look its very best, and fabulously gorgeous self for at least the first 4 days.


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