Kids Age Balloon Bouquet


Build your own, helium-filled, 3-balloon bouquet to incorporate an age balloon.  Kids age balloons are available in the design shown for ages 1-10 in any of the 6 colours pictured.  Make up your chosen bouquet by letting us know the colour and age on the age balloon, and then the colours of the other 2 accompanying balloons you’d would like.  I.e green age 4, plus 1 green, 1 white.

Our balloon bouquets are helium filled and finished with coordinating ribbon and Think Bubble’s own branded box weight in a colour to match.  Balloons in our 3-bouquets are each inflated to 11″.  We also treat our balloons with a special magic ingredient which keeps them happy and floaty for around 5 days (although more like 7-8).  Ideally, these bouquets work best as either table decorations for your celebration, or can be floor-standing to dot around your venue adding some decorative splashes of colour.

List your requirements in the message box below and we will make these up as you’ve specified:

Build your own

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