Giant Free-Standing NUMBER Foils with Flowers


We can make our giant, foil number balloons even more fabulous if we upgrade them to free-standing designs.  We air-fill them rather than helium filling them, and then work them into a stack of latex balloons dressed with faux flowers and foliage.  Each design can be tailored to suit your colour scheme and they are finished with coordinated mini balloon flowers.  Our designs measure a minimum of 1.2m so they make a great statement piece and are perfect for the cake table, buffet table or to stand against a feature wall within your party space.   Also, as they’re air filled – they last AGES!! (Like, weeks……)

The price is for a simple, design with a double-layer stack, and is per number balloon, so double figures is obviously twice the price.  If you’re after a more flamboyant version with more flowers, more foliage and higher stacks pretty much anything’s possible!  Just call us if you’re after extra, extra WOW factor, we’d love to help.