Floral Confetti Bubble with Large Balloon & Flower Box Weight Display


A beautiful mix of colourful balloons and stunning faux flowers, these displays make fabulous centrepieces.  The big, round, bubble at the top measures 45cm diameter.  It’s filled with paper confetti and has a pretty floral collar around the base and a matching paper garland which is secured within the cardboard box weight base.  This is then filled with an overflow of mini balloons and artificial flowers, that cascade their way out of the box weight curving gently down on to the table to form a beautiful, oversized display.

You can pick your own colours for the whole piece.   Choose the colours for the confetti to go inside your bubble balloon as well as the matching paper garland.  We will also coordinate the variety and colour of the flowers on the floral collar too, and balloons used for the box weight arrangement.  Just let us know any colours and flower preferences in the ‘Notes’ section at Checkout.

The confetti filled bubble should stay floating happily for around one week, although they have been known to last up to three weeks!   The mini balloons within the box weight display are air filled.  They will turn ‘matt’ and gradually discolour over time, but the whole piece should stay a show-stopper for a good week.