‘Floating Flower’ Printed Bubble Balloon


This is a special printed bubble as the pink flower is a shaped balloon which is fitted inside the bubble, it looks like it’s floating inside….How DID it get there?!!  It’s magic!

Our printed bubble balloons are 40cm diameter (the size of a big lampshade), they’re clear and printed on the outside.  Whichever design you choose, we finish them with a paper garland tail that compliments their individual designs and a Think Bubble weight. Some examples are shown in the product gallery.  They stand a very proud 5ft high and should stay floating for around 7-10 days (although they tend to last much longer, like weeks!).

They’re great to incorporate as part of your venue décor.  Use them as your ‘statement’ balloons and then mix in some latex 3-bouquets in complimentary colours.

We can pack our printed bubbles into a gift box for you and we can even post them too so you can give them as presents.  Please call 07920 745854 for details on this service.