Confetti Filled Bubble Balloon


Our signature confetti-filled bubble balloons are super-pretty, understated, and quite literally, like giant floating bubbles. That makes them completely magical and perfect for weddings. They’re brilliant for adding some height to your tables, and can also be used as floor-standers and dotted around your venue, by the cake or line them up around the dance-floor! The finishes we offer are as follows:

  • Just with ribbons
  • With ribbons and a circle paper garland
  • With ribbons & two paper tassels
  • With Ivy trails
  • With faux flower collars

You can also personalise them with writing. All wording on our balloons is machine cut from sheets of vinyl and then expertly applied directly onto the balloon/s by us. You can have up to 30 characters and there’s a choice of colours too. You may only want one or two personalised balloons and the rest left plain. It’s £5.00 to personalise any of our confetti filled bubble balloons. Click here to add any personalisation.

Confetti-Filled Bubble Balloons can be used outside, weather permitting. They don’t mind a nice calm day, but they hate direct sunlight, howling gales and pouring rain. Please let us know if you are intending to used them outside, we will add extra weight to stop them bouncing off around the venue!


Please note

As our balloons are supplied fully inflated, we currently supply online orders in Kent only. Deliveries further afield are only available for orders over £200 but would be subject to availability. Please contact us.

Product add ons

Our additional decor products are designed to help you add some extra WOW factor to your celebrations. If you've selected and personalised one of our balloon packages or personalised products, why not top it up? Add some extra decorations to your party space with any of these gorgeous, customisable balloon products...


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