Classic Balloon Combinations


Everyone loves balloons, don’t they? They just make people smile, and they scream PARTY! And sometimes the classics are the best. If you’re after some simple balloon combos, here’s what we suggest:

  • 3-balloon bouquets
  • 5-balloon bouquets
  • 7-balloon bouquets
  • 50 free-floating loose ceiling balloons
  • 100 free-floating loose ceiling balloons
  • 200 free-floating loose ceiling balloons!

So, 3-balloon bouquets are perfect for placing on the tables. They’re a very cost effective way to add a bit of height to your decor particularly if your wedding venue has high ceilings. 5-balloon bouquets are the same, but can also be made up taller so they’re floorstanding and can be dotted around your venue wherever you need some decoration.

Bouquets of 7 are definitely floor-standers. Great by the cake or in the entrance by your Welcome signage or table plan. Then there’s free-floating, loose ceiling balloons… ah, how we LOVE these, a floating balloon ceiling always looks awesome! We can supply loose, helium filled balloons, just finished with ribbons in great big bags, ready to release up to the ceiling of your evening party space! The more you have the better they look!

If you really want to go mad and have balloons wall to wall, each balloon measures approximately 28cm diameter. Measure the total area of the ceiling you want to fill and divide it by .028.

For example, if your party room is 3m x 4m the total area is 12m. Divide this by 0.28 so….you’ll need approximately 43 balloons to fill the space wall to wall!

Happy calculating!


Please note

As our balloons are supplied fully inflated, we currently supply online orders in Kent only. Deliveries further afield are only available for orders over £200 but would be subject to availability. Please contact us.

Product add ons

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