Well, Hello 2019…! Sorry, what day of the week is it???

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Well, here it is…. 2019!  … And we’re back!!  I love a new year.  It’s a buzz of fresh thoughts, ideas, and plans, fuelled by having had a whole two weeks off.  And two weeks in my new kitchen at home too.  It’s totally lush…. I can’t even tell you…. (but more about that another time) ….In between the whole, ‘Christmas-to-New-Year-down-time’, cheese eating (I never eat cheese), beer drinking (I do drink beer), and general day of the week disorientation, we have actually been pretty busy.  Our regular customers will notice a whole portfolio of lovely new images for our gorgeous products in our Online  Shop.  And, we’ve added more products, like these beautiful Balloon Garlands ….

Aren’t they gorgeous?!!  We love them, and they’re one of our big Trend Predictions for 2019.  We think you’ll be seeing a lot more of these rollercoasting lovelies over the course of this year.  These, and also…. the colour Peach.  Peach is Pantone’s Colour of 2019.  Peach?  What do you think?  To be honest, a year ago, I’d have said….’er….naaahhh!’.  But actually, now, I LOVE it.  It’s part of those lovely, understated, ‘Nudes’ colour palette.  But, if you mix it with Baby Pink & Burgundy (that’s my other colour prediction  for 2019, deep, rich, yummy, Burgundy), it’s a marriage made in heaven.  Dreamy….

So, those are our Trend Predictions for 2019, but what else have we got in mind for you…..?  Ah!  SO MUCH!!  For starters, we thought we’d try being a little bit more organised.  Of course we’re organised anyway at Think Bubble HQ, but we thought we’d step up to a whole new level and introduce, a schedule of weekly featured, ‘Party Themes’.   A whole menu of delightful, decorative, party gorgeousness just to inspire you.  What a great idea….!!  So, in our Think Bubble world, Thursdays will now be known as, ‘Theme Thursday’.  Tuesdays and maybe Wednesdays, we’ll put our lovely bubbly, Studio to good use, and deck it to the nines,  with decorative gorgeousness, make loads of mess behind the scenes – and then take loads of beautiful, inspirational pictures, like this just magically happened, to share on our blog and, Instagram and Facebook with you!!  This we will do, each week, and call it Thursday Theme.  Yay!!  

So, that’s Thursdays sorted.  What about Wednesdays….?  Well, we might call these, ‘Sneaky Peek Wednesdays’.  As they preceed, Theme Thursday, we can use Sneaky Peek Wednesday to show you some of the messy, preppy stuff.  If you’re really interested – which apparently you are!  This we’re also going to coordinate with our social media.  Facebook (obvs), and if you don’t already follow us on Instagram, please do check us out, Think Bubble Party.  Instagram Stories in particular are brilliant, I love watching all the people we follow’s video clips.  I might even have more of a go at this myself….. So, YAY for Sneaky Peek Wednesdays!  (And eeek for me….).  

So, let’s kick off this Sneaky Peek Wednesday 9th January 2019 with a Grey, Dusty Pink & Rose Gold theme birthday….  we’ve chosen some of this lovely lot….


… and see what we can do with it!  Stay tuned. 

And then, the following week, we’re very excited to be working with the super talented , Victoria at Cherrylicious Cakes, to bring you a very exciting collaboration project for 2019.   You’ll have to wait until Sneaky Peek Wednesday 16th January to see what we’re cooking up, but I can tell you, it’s going to be gorgeous….

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Then we’ll be launching Valentines!!!  On Sneaky Peek Wednesday 23rd January.  Can’t wait to share this year’s beauties – last year we went big with giant 3ft hearts.  This year we’re going for VOLUME!!  I can’t tell you anymore, other than, I REALLY WANT THEM!!  

And so it should continue….!  We also have another, MASSIVE, project happening for Think Bubble this year, but, I think that’s enough for now,  I’ll save our exciting news for a bit.  Let’s see how we get on with Theme Thursday and Sneak Peek Wednesday… Happy New Year EVERYONE, thank you so much for reading, and lots of love….

Team Think Bubble…xxx