Sophie’s Rose Gold & White 18th Birthday Decorations

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I’m not sure if the extravagant marking of my daughter Sophie’s 18th birthday was for her benefit or mine?  Either way, we’re both guilty of having gone a bit wild… (although my wildness had a much prettier outcome than Sophie’s… but we haven’t included those pics…).  What better excuse to transform your tired old, dining room in your newly moved-into, 1980s house, than a request for a Rose Gold themed Cocktail Bar Birthday??  No persuasion needed.  When can I start…?

So… we decided the DIY SOS, ‘BIG reveal’ approach would be best.  We cordoned off the room, and sealed it with a homemade sign, designed by my little daughter, which read,

‘SOPHIE.  Enter this room before 12th April and Mum will kill you’. 

A little harsh, maybe, but did the trick.  Not that I wish to exploit my daughters for my own commercial gain, I then spent three weeks (in between business as usual at Think Bubble, and in conjunction with the fabulously timed, Easter School Holidays), creating a decorative masterpiece fit for my 18 year old ‘Princess’, and a good-looking, Think Bubble Blog Post…

When turning 18, the focus is predominantly on the legal purchase, and public consumption of alcohol.  Hence there was much linking, to the heady world of Prosecco, sophisticated cocktails, classy bars and the newfound freedom of legitimate ID.

So, we set about building her a make-shift bar….

We’re lucky enough to already own an old 1950s Cocktail bar, which I covered with Rose Gold glittered wall paper, (delightedly discovered one afternoon at The Range in Folkestone).  I used IKEA Billy Shelving and had mirrored acrylic cut to fit to the back of each shelf.  Each piece was measured and ordered online, cut somewhere up North, and then delivered within days from these guys, Acrylic Sheets, brilliant. Adding Hobbycraft Mache Letters to spell out SOPHS BAR, and some white Christmas fairy lights, cursedly dragged down from the loft…..completed the look.  Oh, and an embarrassingly extensive accumulation of alcohol….

A few accessories from my favourite The Range and a job-lot of cocktail glasses from Ebay  and ‘Operation Soph’s Birthday Bar’ – mission accomplished.

No Rose Gold themed, 18th birthday scheme is ever complete without a token  Unicorn…

Box ticked.  I’m not sure where Unicorns fit in to life, but I just love them.  And the colours were just right….

The Unicorn was so fabulous, we had to have a beautiful cake made to match.  A massive thank you to the wonderful Victoria at Cherrylicious Cakes for the cutest and most perfect cake.  You never cease to amaze….

And didn’t she just look perfect in the party room…

I’m a big fan of white as a base colour.  I think it brings simplicity and calmness to a décor scheme.  Start with a calm white canvas, and then build in colours from there.  Sophie wanted a Rose Gold colour theme.  I absolutely love this new-waive metallic.  It’s warm and super pretty and a natural partner for the latest baby pinks and peachy nudes.  But as with any metallic, my advice would be, ‘for best results, use in moderation’. It’s like an accent, a little burst of life, that brings a whole colour scheme together.

So, when balancing her colour palette and trying to think which bits needed to be which colour, I went 45% white, 20% dusty pink, 20% peach, 10% silver and 5% Rose Gold.  You’d be surprised how much that 5% adds a real popping candy touch at the end.

So, white walls were covered in floor to ceiling drops of crepe streamer.  Following the colour ratios – 3 drops of white, 2 drops of pink, 2 drops of peach, 1 drop of silver, 1 slightly narrower drop of rose gold.  Then repeat. And again. And again.  And again….!! Until all four walls were covered.

Tah-dah!! Gorgeous walls!!  Backdrop Kit available to purchase, in various colours from Think Bubble or course.  Then, we added a Balloon Garland.  This was quite a big decorative piece which went all the way around the room.  Fourteen gorgeous metres of it.  Again, referring back to the scheme’s colour ratios, this had to be white.

 With a dash of rose gold and silver, added by using metallic confetti filled clear balloons and our amazing metallic Orbz.

We also hired three Chrome Poseur Tables from Ambassador Furniture Hire so there was leaning and posing facilities…

Then we just turned up the music, added guests, and got this party started….


And some silly stuff…

And some pretty dreadful Karaoke…..

And some pretty good Karaoke too….

Well, I think that’s a wrap.  Thank you Sophie for being such a Superstar, and for all the love, laughter and entertainment you’ve given us over the last 18 years.  You are a dreadful singer but thankfully you are an, ‘Absolute Babe’.  (And thank you for having such beautiful friends too!!)

We all love you Soph….xxx