Party Decorating with Balloons & Hoops

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This week we’ve gone a bit loopy over hoops, here at Think Bubble HQ.   Balloon Hoops to be more precise.   Alongside the latest craze for fabulous balloon garlands , balloon hoops are also right up there at the front of the party scene trending queue.




Simple, but effective I think is just the right phrase for them.  They frame all those foil ‘phrase’ balloons that seem to be everywhere,  perfectly.  And gone are those previous, slightly limp, although very lovely, ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Just Married’ buntings, make way for Balloon Hoops that will bump them right up to, fully-fledged, party signage status.


Our Balloon Hoops  measure in at around 75cm diameter at their widest points. They’re finished with mini, 5″ balloons and artificial flowers making the colour combinations head-scratchingly endless.  Whatever your colour scheme or theme, I reckon we could work with it.

So, once they’re done – what to do with them….?  Well, personally, I’d hang them all off ‘washing lines’ across the full length and breadth of the party room to fill the space with a sea of floating Balloon Hoops.  Arrrr…. completely OTT, slightly delusional, but very beautiful (that’s me!).  Failing that, how about hanging just one of them on a feature wall, or above the cake table?  Or even on the front door as guests arrive – what better form of warm welcome than a rose-bearing, pink, partying panda?




Wherever they go, and whatever the event, be it a wedding, a 40th birthday or a children’s party, if you mix them with matching balloon garlands, giant three-footer balloons and snazzy tableware, you’ll score highly on the on-trend party list and you won’t go too far wrong… Here’s some more shots from our very jolly, Summer Colours Balloon Hoops shoot.  Happy hooping!

Wallpaper backdrop by B & Q and The Range

Paper Garlands by Think Bubble

Tableware Talking Tables