Our new life at Number 27…

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    Well, this is it.  This is life after things don’t go quite to plan. …

Two years ago, I was busy planning.  I was opening my first, ever, real, live shop at Evegate near Ashford.  I’d always wanted a shop you see, ever since I was about ten.  I wanted to fill it with beautiful things. Things I’d sourced from lovely places, or lovely people or just had a lovely time watching You Tube and then making myself.  Then lots of customers would come and see all these lovely things and just buy them.  Loads of them.  And then they’d tell all their friends, and their friends would come and buy all the lovely things too.  Then I’d need  another shop, and another shop and another shop and there’d be fireworks, industry awards and unicorns and everything would just be AMAZING!!…Hurrah!!

Well, I did have my shop.  It was completely lovely, and full of beautiful things.  Customers did come, and many of them brought their friends.  But, sometimes that’s just not enough.  Sometimes, sadly, it just comes down to the numbers and the lifestyle.  The hours and the outgoings vs. the income.  The reality vs. the dream.

So, I made a decision and changed the plan.  And believe me, there is definitely a new plan.  And now I’m here, at home, in my former dining room, still surrounded by all my lovely things but also now by my husband, two children, two dogs, the school run to do, the PTFA to join, the shopping, the washing, the ironing, the cooking,  cleaning and a small business to continue to build.   Yay!!

But, do you know what?  I think I’ve got this.  I’m actually loving it.  Work-Life balance is now well and truly re-adjusted and I’ve completely refocused on those fireworks, the pending industry awards and bring on those unicorns!  This is a new era and I can’t wait to share this journey  and all our lovely things with you, via our blog – let’s do this!!  Stay tuned- I’ll let you know how it’s all going week-by-week….xx