Think Bubble goes BIG and gets a SCREAMING STREAMER BACKDROP

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Well, it’s been a while….but happy to be back blogging!  This is more of a ‘News-ey’ post, as it’s been a busy Summer…..I’m delighted to say we have spread helium happiness to:

Many, many gorgeous weddings…..

Beautiful Milestone Birthdays….

baby showers and one or two mysteries as well….???!! (we don’t ask questions – we just make, personalise and deliver!).

So, it’s great that we’re now able to spread out at HQ…. we will be expanding Our Studio, ‘out the back’, across the whole of the ground floor at No 88.  This is very exciting news for us!  It does need a bit of work though, and refurbishment should start later this month.  In the meantime, we’re not looking our absolute sparkly best, we are busy planning how best to use the new space….

Our new found Studio space will give us much more room to showcase beautiful things like this, Venue Décor at its best….

This is our new SCREAMING STREAMER Build Your Own Backdrop!  It’s FAB-U-LOUS!! It’s basically a frame that we can size to suit your space.  This one was 2.5m wide x 2m high.  We then add layers of lovliness in the form of streamers, shimmer, balloon garlands, flowers, foils, whatever you want, pretty much!!  It’s dressed to work with your colour scheme or theme….  We went for a Unicorns and a Flamingling vibe for our shoot….

With the recent launch of The Selfie Factory in Brighton, if you can’t get to Brighton, we thought it would be a great idea,  to bring a Selfie Wall to YOU!!  So, if you want the perfect backdrop for some amazing, and memorable party pics, this is for you!!  Pop confetti balloons in front of it…


….dance like lunatics in front of it….

Great fun!! And perfect if you’re planning some dressing up props too, how about some balloon animal head poses in front of it..?!!

Be silly…

Be beautiful….


We just love it!!  We are obviously able to do more sophisticated set ups  too.  We can dress the backdrop with flowers and foliage too, making it perfect for weddings too.  More versions to follow…

We are also looking at having other display pieces made… with our bigger and better HQ, we are definitely focusing more on the big stuff, Kent’s parties are never going to have been so well dressed!!  We’ll keep you posted on our studio’s refurb and our branching out plans over the coming months.  Watch this space……lots of love xxx