Christmas at Number 27 Continues to my Christmas table and beyond….

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After a few days of all consuming deliberation, finally, in the middle of Sainsbury’s, it all came together.  I love Sainsbury’s.  Their homewares department is always bang-on.  It is actually cheaper for me to shop at Waitrose than it is at Sainsbury’s.  In Sainsbury’s, oddly, my trolley tends to veer violently towards the pretty, shiny, housey isles.  And as I walk past all the latest, lovely things, all my favourites suddenly faint off the shelves, and land right into my trolley.  Isn’t that weird??!

Anyway, on Wednesday this week, that’s exactly what happened.  When I got to the checkout, these beautiful, silver vases of faux succulents, and some grey, woven placemats had fainted their way into my trolley.  Naturally, I took pity on them and took them home with me to nurse them back to health.  Now they look like  absolutely radiant as  centrepieces on my Christmas table.  Clearly meant to be…




I popped them on red serving platters and dressed them with silver baubles…



I’d hung on to some of last year’s, very cute, ‘Christmas at Our House’, tableware from that we’d had in our Evegate shop, just because it makes me smile.  I love the colours and the sentiment.  It’s quite retro too which works well in our kitchen/dining room/conservatory.  The napkins in the range are predominantly red, with scribbly, illustrated baubles in muted, minty greens and dusty pinks.  Perfect….


With Bingo Crackers to match – can’t wait for those, Auntie Sue loves a spot of Bingo…


And that, cute, Christmas-tree carrying family are all bundled up in their boxy, 1972, Morris Marina.  Yielding Christmas trivia playing cards they are smiling and waving their way off for their happy and wholesome holidays – I love these guys!!


They’re on our placecards too….


The runner is two designs of Christmas wrapping paper, cut to two different widths and layered one on top of the other.  Both picked up from the fabulous (TIGER in Canterbury).  That makes our Christmas table complete.  So, how to frame it and decorate the rest of the space…???  Well, my very rattled looking Rudolph lifesize cutout from was an absolute must.  Along with my favourite, latest form of balloon décor – a balloon garland….


I can’t tell you how much I love these and what a cool concept they are.  We’ve done a few of them now at, Think Bubble HQ, for weddings and events.  They are real showstoppers and will add WOW factor to any décor scheme and in pretty much any shapes and colours.  They’re all air too which also makes them relatively cost effective.  This one is predominantly made from smaller 5″ balloons and is approximately 6.5m long and swagged, arched and shaped across the width of my conservatory.  I love it.  I’m keeping it.  Forever.




They are made to order, obviously to suit the size and scale of your space.  This can vary from a small garland to use as a 6ft table runner, to a massive garland to dress a banqueting room.  But as a rough guide, had we installed this one for one of our Think Bubble clients, the cost would have been around £150.00. If you’d like more info please call us on 07920 745854 or email us at  And in the meantime, sit tight for the final Christmas at Number 27 blog post – the Lounge Bar.  We seem to have installed a fully functioning bar, The Ooo Bar, in our Lounge – how did that 1920s style cocktail bar faint its way in there…??!  Find out next week…xx