How to Make a Loony Balloon Wreath

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Pins and balloons isn’t a combination I would normally recommend in my line of work.  However, in this case I’m happy to make an exception.  This wreath is delightfully mad!  A crazy explosion of colour – great for dressing your front door to set the party scene, or just to brighten the days of all innocent passers by….door wreaths are for life – not just for Christmas.


Here’s how…

Take approximately 100, 11″ latex balloons in big, bright colours….


1 x polystyrene wreath


A whole bunch of pins….


And a roll of coloured crepe paper streamer.  Wrap this round and round and round….until it’s all neatly covered.




YAY!!  Then it’s time to start pinning….mix up your balloons and pick them out two-by-two at random.  The ‘random-er’ the better.  Place them one on top of the other but facing opposite ways and put a pin through the middle….



Then just stick them in at any old angle all the way around….


Until you end up with something like this…!!


Add some funky twizzled pipe-cleaners to complete the craziness….




Pin ribbon on the back to hang, add proudly to front door and await happy arrivals….








A Very Deathly Dinner Party….

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What a wickedly wonderful Halloween week we’ve had.  Culminating in a Baroque themed banquet hosted here at Number 27.  Well, I say banquet, more like industrial size stew and roast potatoes for 20.  We had great fun this week styling the dining table with decayed dinner guests and other gothic touches. We dressed the table with black, lacy, spider web runners, bones, skulls, spray-painted trails of black ivy and candle-light.




We added black, glossy charger plates with Talking Tables Party Porcelain Baroque Classical Range paper plates over the top.  We placed matching paper napkins in this fabulously, lux-looking range with its rich reds and smoky grey florals, to the side of each place setting, and then finished with pops of blood red waxy candles on our mismatched candle-holders.




We posed for portraits and hung out with, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Diddled, our skeletal friends, whilst awaiting the arrival of 16 deathly dinner guests.  We then devoured a very boozy stew (containing 3 bottles of wine and half a bottle of brandy), followed by Death by Chocolate Fondue.  Entertainment included, two pairs of tights and an apple, after-dinner mint facials and a Taste the Difference Cheese & Bacon Quiche (don’t ask).





Whilst the rest of the house looked like this….







A very happy Halloween had by all in this household.  And on to a new week.  And now all that’s done and dusted, it’s the official run up to CHRISTMAS!! Yay!!  Bring it on…xxx

Why are Pirates called ‘Pirates’..?

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….Because they ‘Aaaaarrrggghh’ (said in your best pirates swashbucklingly, theatrical way)!  Haha! My little daughter’s favourite joke, and very befitting for today’s blog post.  This week we’ve been, ‘All at Sea’, thanks to Book Week at school.  Georgie’s, pirate make-over, for dress-up day, has been brought to you today, courtesy of the back of my wardrobe, my scarf draw and stress induced creativity  Following which, I discover, we are also given the, ‘optional’ (aka totally NOT really optional) task of conjuring up a ‘Treasure Chest’.  Plus contents.  Well, actually, that sounds easy enough – shoe box + sellotape/stapled hinge + paint = treasure chest.  No?

Me:  What’s everyone else doing?

Georgie: Well, Maisie’s Mum has baked a cake – shaped like a treasure chest, all decorated treasure chesty, and with all sweets in the middle, as the treasure.   And Jack, well, he’s coming dressed as an actual treasure chest because his mum and his Nan have made his costume, Mummy.

Doh!  Staving off my ‘bad-mother’ thoughts, we headed straight for Hobbycraft.  A shoe-box just wasn’t going to cut it.  £29.50 later we emerged with a proper, paint-able treasure chest, posh paints, new brushes and a hand puppet called Captain-Scally (integral to the whole project, apparently).  And a packet of crisps.  And few other random things we didn’t need.  And a coffee from Costas next-door.  Eeek!

Anyway….I’m off on the school run in a minute so we’ll see how she faired against Maisie’s Bake-Off Showstopper and Treasure Chest Boy.  And, in honour of our piratey theme, we thought we’d showcase a Pirate theme party we prepared earlier…we loved using Meri Meri’s Pirate partyware range to rustle up this little pirate ensemble.

And of course, you shall need pirate balloons.  How about these…?

It’s a fabulous theme with so much potential for creative entertainment, tea-tables, party bags and baking.  Just ask Maisie and Treasure Chest Boy…xx



Decorating with Streamers….

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Today has been a celebration of the humble paper streamer.  Who’d have thought these simple crepey, papery strips could cause such a scene??!  Gone are the days when my mum used to buy reams of the stuff at Christmas.  She would staple all our cards onto bright red, floor to ceiling strips of it and transform our kitchen into a Christmas card shrine.  I’d spend hours admiring her work.  Labouring over my Coco Pops in the mornings, completely distracted by the process of compiling my top three – ‘favouritist’, ‘rubbishist’ and ‘funniest’.  Not that we were super popular – it was just that my mum was a Head Teacher which made decorating at Christmas with 450 childrens’ cards a really cheap option.  Anyway, enough of my cost effective childhood memories….

Today we have used a rainbow of streamers in ‘popping’ colours.  We’ve doubled each drop length to loop it and tie it at the top and create a full colourful backdrop.  You can stick the strips straight on to the walls, or thread each drop onto a washing line of ribbon and make a ‘curtain’ which you can hang anywhere.  Either way, and whatever colour scheme you choose, it definitely adds a splash of colour and a bit of WOW.  We also added some drops of our paper garlands just to break it up a bit.  Lovely.

Go red, yellow, blue for Superheroes, pink, pink, pink for Princesses or girly Baby Showers, black, white, silver and gold for more sophisticated gatherings. Then layer unicorns, bubbles, foils, giant number balloons, word phrase balloons or bunting in front…The possibilities are endless, just give it a try… you could wait for an actual party, or just decorate your conservatory for when your husband comes home from work.  I did – mine loved it.  #husbandslovethis

Our new life at Number 27…

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    Well, this is it.  This is life after things don’t go quite to plan. …

Two years ago, I was busy planning.  I was opening my first, ever, real, live shop at Evegate near Ashford.  I’d always wanted a shop you see, ever since I was about ten.  I wanted to fill it with beautiful things. Things I’d sourced from lovely places, or lovely people or just had a lovely time watching You Tube and then making myself.  Then lots of customers would come and see all these lovely things and just buy them.  Loads of them.  And then they’d tell all their friends, and their friends would come and buy all the lovely things too.  Then I’d need  another shop, and another shop and another shop and there’d be fireworks, industry awards and unicorns and everything would just be AMAZING!!…Hurrah!!

Well, I did have my shop.  It was completely lovely, and full of beautiful things.  Customers did come, and many of them brought their friends.  But, sometimes that’s just not enough.  Sometimes, sadly, it just comes down to the numbers and the lifestyle.  The hours and the outgoings vs. the income.  The reality vs. the dream.

So, I made a decision and changed the plan.  And believe me, there is definitely a new plan.  And now I’m here, at home, in my former dining room, still surrounded by all my lovely things but also now by my husband, two children, two dogs, the school run to do, the PTFA to join, the shopping, the washing, the ironing, the cooking,  cleaning and a small business to continue to build.   Yay!!

But, do you know what?  I think I’ve got this.  I’m actually loving it.  Work-Life balance is now well and truly re-adjusted and I’ve completely refocused on those fireworks, the pending industry awards and bring on those unicorns!  This is a new era and I can’t wait to share this journey  and all our lovely things with you, via our blog – let’s do this!!  Stay tuned- I’ll let you know how it’s all going week-by-week….xx