2016 The Year of The Rollercoaster

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Well, happy 2017!!  How are we in the second week already??  I’m so looking forward to this year, we have much planned…  Looking back, 2016 was a year of two halves.  A bit of a roller coaster to be honest.  We went from the hustle and bustle of our little party shop, to the homely surroundings of The Balloon Room.  I just wanted to kick off 2017 with a reflective post, and a little visual recap of 2016.  But most importantly, to say a big thank you to all of our lovely, bubbly customers for their ongoing love and loyalty.  Long may this continue because we want to keep doing lots more of this….here’s a pictorial, and heartfelt, recap of our rollercoster year 2016…

think_bubble_party_photos_25Ahhh….. We spent January 2016 re-jigging our shop to create our Party Room by halving our existing retail space.  We re-opened at mid-January with half Valentines and retail…. and half Venue and the first of our fabulous kids parties….

think_bubble_party_photos_24 think_bubble_party_photos_23 think_bubble_party_photos_27

Then came the wedding season, Easter and many more lovely bubbly parties in our venue…

think_bubble_party_photos_22 think_bubble_party_photos_19We hosted our first pre-school class with our Caterpillar day….


And then we started doing some awesome, ‘off-site’ events.  Alice in Wonderland at Westenhanger Castle, an eighties films themed birthday party featuring our handmade, 3ft paper mache  boulder called, Steve.

think_bubble_party_photos_18 think_bubble_party_photos_17  Then came the summer and more lovely bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.  It was at this point, we knew changes were on the horizon for Think Bubble…

think_bubble_party_photos_20Balloons, balloons, balloons, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles… Sadly, the best laid plans and dreams don’t always go to plan and cashflow ultimately overrules ambition.  We sadly closed the shop doors for the last time in July 2016 but with our heads held high ….



But happily onto pastures new.  Luckily, I have the love and support of a wonderful husband who agreed for me to transform our former dining room at home into The Balloon Room, allowing me to invite all our lovely, bubbly customers round to mine to collect their fabulous party things whenever they needed them..!


And boy, was this a good decision.  Much as I miss our little shop, and the lovely Evegate community, I don’t miss our monthly rent and rates ‘cloud’.  I have to admit, I’m still passionate about hosting a really good children’s party, and I desperately miss dressing and prepping our beautiful Party Room.  But, I have to say, the happiness of working from home far out weighs the loss of my shop.  So, let’s not dwell, and let’s focus on what happened next.  Photo shoots at home, working with my lovely girls, this fabulous new website with this very visual and lovely blog…





And guess what?  I love it!!  And I can’t wait for 2017…. Thank you all for 2016, it’s been the making Think Bubble… and I can’t wait to share 2017 with you…from this wonderful place called home and work… xx


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