Well, Hello 2019…! Sorry, what day of the week is it???

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Well, here it is…. 2019!  … And we’re back!!  I love a new year.  It’s a buzz of fresh thoughts, ideas, and plans, fuelled by having had a whole two weeks off.  And two weeks in my new kitchen at home too.  It’s totally lush…. I can’t even tell you…. (but more about that another time) ….In between the whole, ‘Christmas-to-New-Year-down-time’, cheese eating (I never eat cheese), beer drinking (I do drink beer), and general day of the week disorientation, we have actually been pretty busy.  Our regular customers will notice a whole portfolio of lovely new images for our gorgeous products in our Online  Shop.  And, we’ve added more products, like these beautiful Balloon Garlands ….

Aren’t they gorgeous?!!  We love them, and they’re one of our big Trend Predictions for 2019.  We think you’ll be seeing a lot more of these rollercoasting lovelies over the course of this year.  These, and also…. the colour Peach.  Peach is Pantone’s Colour of 2019.  Peach?  What do you think?  To be honest, a year ago, I’d have said….’er….naaahhh!’.  But actually, now, I LOVE it.  It’s part of those lovely, understated, ‘Nudes’ colour palette.  But, if you mix it with Baby Pink & Burgundy (that’s my other colour prediction  for 2019, deep, rich, yummy, Burgundy), it’s a marriage made in heaven.  Dreamy….

So, those are our Trend Predictions for 2019, but what else have we got in mind for you…..?  Ah!  SO MUCH!!  For starters, we thought we’d try being a little bit more organised.  Of course we’re organised anyway at Think Bubble HQ, but we thought we’d step up to a whole new level and introduce, a schedule of weekly featured, ‘Party Themes’.   A whole menu of delightful, decorative, party gorgeousness just to inspire you.  What a great idea….!!  So, in our Think Bubble world, Thursdays will now be known as, ‘Theme Thursday’.  Tuesdays and maybe Wednesdays, we’ll put our lovely bubbly, Studio to good use, and deck it to the nines,  with decorative gorgeousness, make loads of mess behind the scenes – and then take loads of beautiful, inspirational pictures, like this just magically happened, to share on our blog and, Instagram and Facebook with you!!  This we will do, each week, and call it Thursday Theme.  Yay!!  

So, that’s Thursdays sorted.  What about Wednesdays….?  Well, we might call these, ‘Sneaky Peek Wednesdays’.  As they preceed, Theme Thursday, we can use Sneaky Peek Wednesday to show you some of the messy, preppy stuff.  If you’re really interested – which apparently you are!  This we’re also going to coordinate with our social media.  Facebook (obvs), and if you don’t already follow us on Instagram, please do check us out, Think Bubble Party.  Instagram Stories in particular are brilliant, I love watching all the people we follow’s video clips.  I might even have more of a go at this myself….. So, YAY for Sneaky Peek Wednesdays!  (And eeek for me….).  

So, let’s kick off this Sneaky Peek Wednesday 9th January 2019 with a Grey, Dusty Pink & Rose Gold theme birthday….  we’ve chosen some of this lovely lot….


… and see what we can do with it!  Stay tuned. 

And then, the following week, we’re very excited to be working with the super talented , Victoria at Cherrylicious Cakes, to bring you a very exciting collaboration project for 2019.   You’ll have to wait until Sneaky Peek Wednesday 16th January to see what we’re cooking up, but I can tell you, it’s going to be gorgeous….

Image may contain: food

Then we’ll be launching Valentines!!!  On Sneaky Peek Wednesday 23rd January.  Can’t wait to share this year’s beauties – last year we went big with giant 3ft hearts.  This year we’re going for VOLUME!!  I can’t tell you anymore, other than, I REALLY WANT THEM!!  

And so it should continue….!  We also have another, MASSIVE, project happening for Think Bubble this year, but, I think that’s enough for now,  I’ll save our exciting news for a bit.  Let’s see how we get on with Theme Thursday and Sneak Peek Wednesday… Happy New Year EVERYONE, thank you so much for reading, and lots of love….

Team Think Bubble…xxx



Think Bubble goes BIG and gets a SCREAMING STREAMER BACKDROP

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Well, it’s been a while….but happy to be back blogging!  This is more of a ‘News-ey’ post, as it’s been a busy Summer…..I’m delighted to say we have spread helium happiness to:

Many, many gorgeous weddings…..

Beautiful Milestone Birthdays….

baby showers and one or two mysteries as well….???!! (we don’t ask questions – we just make, personalise and deliver!).

So, it’s great that we’re now able to spread out at HQ…. we will be expanding Our Studio, ‘out the back’, across the whole of the ground floor at No 88.  This is very exciting news for us!  It does need a bit of work though, and refurbishment should start later this month.  In the meantime, we’re not looking our absolute sparkly best, we are busy planning how best to use the new space….

Our new found Studio space will give us much more room to showcase beautiful things like this, Venue Décor at its best….

This is our new SCREAMING STREAMER Build Your Own Backdrop!  It’s FAB-U-LOUS!! It’s basically a frame that we can size to suit your space.  This one was 2.5m wide x 2m high.  We then add layers of lovliness in the form of streamers, shimmer, balloon garlands, flowers, foils, whatever you want, pretty much!!  It’s dressed to work with your colour scheme or theme….  We went for a Unicorns and a Flamingling vibe for our shoot….

With the recent launch of The Selfie Factory in Brighton, if you can’t get to Brighton, we thought it would be a great idea,  to bring a Selfie Wall to YOU!!  So, if you want the perfect backdrop for some amazing, and memorable party pics, this is for you!!  Pop confetti balloons in front of it…


….dance like lunatics in front of it….

Great fun!! And perfect if you’re planning some dressing up props too, how about some balloon animal head poses in front of it..?!!

Be silly…

Be beautiful….


We just love it!!  We are obviously able to do more sophisticated set ups  too.  We can dress the backdrop with flowers and foliage too, making it perfect for weddings too.  More versions to follow…

We are also looking at having other display pieces made… with our bigger and better HQ, we are definitely focusing more on the big stuff, Kent’s parties are never going to have been so well dressed!!  We’ll keep you posted on our studio’s refurb and our branching out plans over the coming months.  Watch this space……lots of love xxx



Sophie’s Rose Gold & White 18th Birthday Decorations

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I’m not sure if the extravagant marking of my daughter Sophie’s 18th birthday was for her benefit or mine?  Either way, we’re both guilty of having gone a bit wild… (although my wildness had a much prettier outcome than Sophie’s… but we haven’t included those pics…).  What better excuse to transform your tired old, dining room in your newly moved-into, 1980s house, than a request for a Rose Gold themed Cocktail Bar Birthday??  No persuasion needed.  When can I start…?

So… we decided the DIY SOS, ‘BIG reveal’ approach would be best.  We cordoned off the room, and sealed it with a homemade sign, designed by my little daughter, which read,

‘SOPHIE.  Enter this room before 12th April and Mum will kill you’. 

A little harsh, maybe, but did the trick.  Not that I wish to exploit my daughters for my own commercial gain, I then spent three weeks (in between business as usual at Think Bubble, and in conjunction with the fabulously timed, Easter School Holidays), creating a decorative masterpiece fit for my 18 year old ‘Princess’, and a good-looking, Think Bubble Blog Post…

When turning 18, the focus is predominantly on the legal purchase, and public consumption of alcohol.  Hence there was much linking, to the heady world of Prosecco, sophisticated cocktails, classy bars and the newfound freedom of legitimate ID.

So, we set about building her a make-shift bar….

We’re lucky enough to already own an old 1950s Cocktail bar, which I covered with Rose Gold glittered wall paper, (delightedly discovered one afternoon at The Range in Folkestone).  I used IKEA Billy Shelving and had mirrored acrylic cut to fit to the back of each shelf.  Each piece was measured and ordered online, cut somewhere up North, and then delivered within days from these guys, Acrylic Sheets, brilliant. Adding Hobbycraft Mache Letters to spell out SOPHS BAR, and some white Christmas fairy lights, cursedly dragged down from the loft…..completed the look.  Oh, and an embarrassingly extensive accumulation of alcohol….

A few accessories from my favourite The Range and a job-lot of cocktail glasses from Ebay  and ‘Operation Soph’s Birthday Bar’ – mission accomplished.

No Rose Gold themed, 18th birthday scheme is ever complete without a token  Unicorn…

Box ticked.  I’m not sure where Unicorns fit in to life, but I just love them.  And the colours were just right….

The Unicorn was so fabulous, we had to have a beautiful cake made to match.  A massive thank you to the wonderful Victoria at Cherrylicious Cakes for the cutest and most perfect cake.  You never cease to amaze….

And didn’t she just look perfect in the party room…

I’m a big fan of white as a base colour.  I think it brings simplicity and calmness to a décor scheme.  Start with a calm white canvas, and then build in colours from there.  Sophie wanted a Rose Gold colour theme.  I absolutely love this new-waive metallic.  It’s warm and super pretty and a natural partner for the latest baby pinks and peachy nudes.  But as with any metallic, my advice would be, ‘for best results, use in moderation’. It’s like an accent, a little burst of life, that brings a whole colour scheme together.

So, when balancing her colour palette and trying to think which bits needed to be which colour, I went 45% white, 20% dusty pink, 20% peach, 10% silver and 5% Rose Gold.  You’d be surprised how much that 5% adds a real popping candy touch at the end.

So, white walls were covered in floor to ceiling drops of crepe streamer.  Following the colour ratios – 3 drops of white, 2 drops of pink, 2 drops of peach, 1 drop of silver, 1 slightly narrower drop of rose gold.  Then repeat. And again. And again.  And again….!! Until all four walls were covered.

Tah-dah!! Gorgeous walls!!  Backdrop Kit available to purchase, in various colours from Think Bubble or course.  Then, we added a Balloon Garland.  This was quite a big decorative piece which went all the way around the room.  Fourteen gorgeous metres of it.  Again, referring back to the scheme’s colour ratios, this had to be white.

 With a dash of rose gold and silver, added by using metallic confetti filled clear balloons and our amazing metallic Orbz.

We also hired three Chrome Poseur Tables from Ambassador Furniture Hire so there was leaning and posing facilities…

Then we just turned up the music, added guests, and got this party started….


And some silly stuff…

And some pretty dreadful Karaoke…..

And some pretty good Karaoke too….

Well, I think that’s a wrap.  Thank you Sophie for being such a Superstar, and for all the love, laughter and entertainment you’ve given us over the last 18 years.  You are a dreadful singer but thankfully you are an, ‘Absolute Babe’.  (And thank you for having such beautiful friends too!!)

We all love you Soph….xxx





Our brand New Balloon Room officially opens its doors …

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Well, look at us all posh and ready to party?!!  Welcome to our new Balloon Room, tucked away down the leafy lanes of Kennington on the edge of Ashford.  This is our new, little, balloon studio and workshop, it’s where we work our magic.  We are currently only open for pre-ordered, online, collections or pre-booked visits.  BUT…. as from 10th January, we will be opening the doors on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10 – 5pm, so you can just drop in!  Two days a week you’ll be able to buy or order balloons off the shelf….!   (The rest of the week will be by appointment or for pre-booked balloon order collections.)  Look out for our bright pink door, black and white stripy frontage and our fabulous windows!




And then come inside and see all of this……


Our Pick ‘n’ Mix Balloon Wall our full range of gorgeous colours of balloons, in mini 5″ versions, through to big 3-footers.  We will also have a good stock of foil number balloons, mini foil letters and all sorts of supershape foil balloons too.  And if you’re spoilt for choice and need to sit down, our bright pink hot-seats are very comfy!  We can take our time and go through all your options, till we get it absolutely right.  (I think we may have a coffee machine by January too, and could even stretch to a biscuit, yay!!).


The studio will be full of balloony gorgeousness for you to see like all of this….



You can come and choose your colours, paper tails, flowers and accessories….






And if you can’t find it ‘off-the-shelf’, we can make it up for you…


We hand make lots of our orders (fuelled by Gummy Bears, obviously…).


So, if you come and visit, and love it half as much as we do, we know we’ve got something right.  This place is a real labour of love.  Remember, at the moment, you’re more than welcome to visit by appointment, or to come and collect your pre-booked, online balloon order.  BUT as from Wednesday 10th January 2018, on Wednesdays & Thursdays, you can swing by anytime between 10-5.  We can’t wait to see you and show you more of all this….







Lots of Love ….. Think Bubble xx


Party Decorating with Balloons & Hoops

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This week we’ve gone a bit loopy over hoops, here at Think Bubble HQ.   Balloon Hoops to be more precise.   Alongside the latest craze for fabulous balloon garlands , balloon hoops are also right up there at the front of the party scene trending queue.




Simple, but effective I think is just the right phrase for them.  They frame all those foil ‘phrase’ balloons that seem to be everywhere,  perfectly.  And gone are those previous, slightly limp, although very lovely, ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Just Married’ buntings, make way for Balloon Hoops that will bump them right up to, fully-fledged, party signage status.


Our Balloon Hoops  measure in at around 75cm diameter at their widest points. They’re finished with mini, 5″ balloons and artificial flowers making the colour combinations head-scratchingly endless.  Whatever your colour scheme or theme, I reckon we could work with it.

So, once they’re done – what to do with them….?  Well, personally, I’d hang them all off ‘washing lines’ across the full length and breadth of the party room to fill the space with a sea of floating Balloon Hoops.  Arrrr…. completely OTT, slightly delusional, but very beautiful (that’s me!).  Failing that, how about hanging just one of them on a feature wall, or above the cake table?  Or even on the front door as guests arrive – what better form of warm welcome than a rose-bearing, pink, partying panda?




Wherever they go, and whatever the event, be it a wedding, a 40th birthday or a children’s party, if you mix them with matching balloon garlands, giant three-footer balloons and snazzy tableware, you’ll score highly on the on-trend party list and you won’t go too far wrong… Here’s some more shots from our very jolly, Summer Colours Balloon Hoops shoot.  Happy hooping!

Wallpaper backdrop by B & Q and The Range

Paper Garlands by Think Bubble

Tableware Talking Tables






Georgie’s Birthday Sleepover Party

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It takes nerves of steel to open up the ground floor of your house to your ten year old and her friends for a free-range sleepover party.  But, I have to say, they were fabulous fun, and they had a blast.  And, everyone appeared fully intact in the morning, although slightly frayed around the edges.  Myself included.

We surrendered our lounge for the BIG event.  One end became the Sleepover Den and the other end the nail bar.  I crudely constructed an eight bed wide, pink canopy out of plumbing overflow pipe and 8m of pink fabric and for them all to sleep under.  I finished it with fairy lights and every cushion and pillow I could find in the house (who knew I had so many?).



Opposite, was a wall of helium balloons above the sofas, which we layered with yet more cushions and matching paper honeycombs.


Perfectly positioned in front of the big screen for back to back DVDs through the early hours…


And our new OO BAR became the NAIL BAR…


Face masks were prepped.  Make-up prepped..


Party game prizes prepped…


Party game prizes prepped…


I made disgustingly over chocolated cake…



Then at 5.30pm, Martin vacated to the shed, and was temporarily replaced by eight, ‘buzzing’ and ‘hyped’, nine, ten and eleven year olds.  Cue seventeen hours of back to back pampering, make-up, blindfolded make-up, the mannequin challenge, nails, hair, pizza, cake, films, gossip, giggling (much, much giggling), and good-old-fashioned girlie-ness.  No sleep.  (Well, maybe 3 hours..?)






My final check-in was 2.30am, after which I turned the lights out and left them to it.  By morning they were still chirpy and in surprisingly high spirits.  Then it was breakfast and a final film…


Before raking through the carnage to pack bags and wave happy, but slightly weary, farewells… And amble down to the shed to reclaim my husband… Arr, thanks so much for coming ladies.  Georgie is one lucky, newly ten year old….xx



2016 The Year of The Rollercoaster

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Well, happy 2017!!  How are we in the second week already??  I’m so looking forward to this year, we have much planned…  Looking back, 2016 was a year of two halves.  A bit of a roller coaster to be honest.  We went from the hustle and bustle of our little party shop, to the homely surroundings of The Balloon Room.  I just wanted to kick off 2017 with a reflective post, and a little visual recap of 2016.  But most importantly, to say a big thank you to all of our lovely, bubbly customers for their ongoing love and loyalty.  Long may this continue because we want to keep doing lots more of this….here’s a pictorial, and heartfelt, recap of our rollercoster year 2016…

think_bubble_party_photos_25Ahhh….. We spent January 2016 re-jigging our shop to create our Party Room by halving our existing retail space.  We re-opened at mid-January with half Valentines and retail…. and half Venue and the first of our fabulous kids parties….

think_bubble_party_photos_24 think_bubble_party_photos_23 think_bubble_party_photos_27

Then came the wedding season, Easter and many more lovely bubbly parties in our venue…

think_bubble_party_photos_22 think_bubble_party_photos_19We hosted our first pre-school class with our Caterpillar day….


And then we started doing some awesome, ‘off-site’ events.  Alice in Wonderland at Westenhanger Castle, an eighties films themed birthday party featuring our handmade, 3ft paper mache  boulder called, Steve.

think_bubble_party_photos_18 think_bubble_party_photos_17  Then came the summer and more lovely bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.  It was at this point, we knew changes were on the horizon for Think Bubble…

think_bubble_party_photos_20Balloons, balloons, balloons, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles… Sadly, the best laid plans and dreams don’t always go to plan and cashflow ultimately overrules ambition.  We sadly closed the shop doors for the last time in July 2016 but with our heads held high ….



But happily onto pastures new.  Luckily, I have the love and support of a wonderful husband who agreed for me to transform our former dining room at home into The Balloon Room, allowing me to invite all our lovely, bubbly customers round to mine to collect their fabulous party things whenever they needed them..!


And boy, was this a good decision.  Much as I miss our little shop, and the lovely Evegate community, I don’t miss our monthly rent and rates ‘cloud’.  I have to admit, I’m still passionate about hosting a really good children’s party, and I desperately miss dressing and prepping our beautiful Party Room.  But, I have to say, the happiness of working from home far out weighs the loss of my shop.  So, let’s not dwell, and let’s focus on what happened next.  Photo shoots at home, working with my lovely girls, this fabulous new website with this very visual and lovely blog…





And guess what?  I love it!!  And I can’t wait for 2017…. Thank you all for 2016, it’s been the making Think Bubble… and I can’t wait to share 2017 with you…from this wonderful place called home and work… xx


IMG_8134 IMG_8135


Christmas at Number 27 Continues to my Christmas table and beyond….

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After a few days of all consuming deliberation, finally, in the middle of Sainsbury’s, it all came together.  I love Sainsbury’s.  Their homewares department is always bang-on.  It is actually cheaper for me to shop at Waitrose than it is at Sainsbury’s.  In Sainsbury’s, oddly, my trolley tends to veer violently towards the pretty, shiny, housey isles.  And as I walk past all the latest, lovely things, all my favourites suddenly faint off the shelves, and land right into my trolley.  Isn’t that weird??!

Anyway, on Wednesday this week, that’s exactly what happened.  When I got to the checkout, these beautiful, silver vases of faux succulents, and some grey, woven placemats had fainted their way into my trolley.  Naturally, I took pity on them and took them home with me to nurse them back to health.  Now they look like  absolutely radiant as  centrepieces on my Christmas table.  Clearly meant to be…




I popped them on red serving platters and dressed them with silver baubles…



I’d hung on to some of last year’s, very cute, ‘Christmas at Our House’, tableware from http://www.talkingtables.co.uk that we’d had in our Evegate shop, just because it makes me smile.  I love the colours and the sentiment.  It’s quite retro too which works well in our kitchen/dining room/conservatory.  The napkins in the range are predominantly red, with scribbly, illustrated baubles in muted, minty greens and dusty pinks.  Perfect….


With Bingo Crackers to match – can’t wait for those, Auntie Sue loves a spot of Bingo…


And that, cute, Christmas-tree carrying family are all bundled up in their boxy, 1972, Morris Marina.  Yielding Christmas trivia playing cards they are smiling and waving their way off for their happy and wholesome holidays – I love these guys!!


They’re on our placecards too….


The runner is two designs of Christmas wrapping paper, cut to two different widths and layered one on top of the other.  Both picked up from the fabulous http://uk.flyingtiger.com/en-gb (TIGER in Canterbury).  That makes our Christmas table complete.  So, how to frame it and decorate the rest of the space…???  Well, my very rattled looking Rudolph lifesize cutout from  https://www.starcutouts.com/ was an absolute must.  Along with my favourite, latest form of balloon décor – a balloon garland….


I can’t tell you how much I love these and what a cool concept they are.  We’ve done a few of them now at, Think Bubble HQ, for weddings and events.  They are real showstoppers and will add WOW factor to any décor scheme and in pretty much any shapes and colours.  They’re all air too which also makes them relatively cost effective.  This one is predominantly made from smaller 5″ balloons and is approximately 6.5m long and swagged, arched and shaped across the width of my conservatory.  I love it.  I’m keeping it.  Forever.




They are made to order, obviously to suit the size and scale of your space.  This can vary from a small garland to use as a 6ft table runner, to a massive garland to dress a banqueting room.  But as a rough guide, had we installed this one for one of our Think Bubble clients, the cost would have been around £150.00. If you’d like more info please call us on 07920 745854 or email us at info@thinkbubbleparty.co.uk.  And in the meantime, sit tight for the final Christmas at Number 27 blog post – the Lounge Bar.  We seem to have installed a fully functioning bar, The Ooo Bar, in our Lounge – how did that 1920s style cocktail bar faint its way in there…??!  Find out next week…xx

Think Bubble’s Christmas at No. 27

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I am missing dressing my shop windows for Christmas this year.  But…. I am loving being at home more.  Anyone who knows me will tell you if I wasn’t dressing parties, I’d be dressing homes instead.  Love a bit of interior design.  And with the season’s  festivities fast approaching, plus December’s edition of Living Etc magazine now out, and my lovely house, I’m officially ‘on one’.  So on this, the 1st day of December 2016, to celebrate the start of opening chocolate advent calendars and the season of over indulge, I’m launching Think Bubble’s Christmas at No. 27 (#tbchristmasatno27).  Starting with my Entrance Hall at No. 27…


I like a mix of styles.  It’s Christmas so a bit of glitzy, bling is obligatory.  But I do like an edge.  Our canvases are courtesy of http://www.photobox.co.uk and the talents of some Ashford graffiti artist somewhere. Two fabulous works of art don the concrete walls of a subway near the Ashford International Station.  My I-phone and Photobox did the rest.  They’re quite pixelated, but I quite like their rough and ready graininess. Mixed with our pair of silver gilt mirrors (couldn’t just have one, I had to have two – plus they were a complete bargain from http://www.therange.co.uk) I just like it.  Beautiful frosty garlands from http://www.giselagraham.co.uk decorated with glittered stars and white and silver baubles, beads and pearls, set the tone.




And then of course there’s Bruce.  Bruce the Moose.  Love Bruce.  Purchased on a whim from http://www.oliverbonas.com but whenever we look at moving, there now always has to be a place for Bruce, otherwise the house isn’t even a contender.


And of course, I have to have bubble balloon.  You can’t have any celebration in this house without featuring a beautiful, bespoke, confetti-filled bubble – heavily.  www.thinkbubbleparty.co.uk/product-category/confetti-filled-bubbles/




So, one room down, the Kitchen/Dining Room next…Then the Lounge – although we are currently building the OOO BAR in there at one end (don’t ask!). Theme – Cocktails & Candlelight at Christmas.  Haha! We don’t do things by halves, bet you can’t wait for that!





What a Sweet Week….

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Sweetie Shake 1

What a tasty week its been!  We’ve been at the sweetie jar all week putting together various themed, Sweetie Shakes as alternatives to party bags.  Such a lovely idea.  I know there are some who may frown at the idea of sending already sugar-hyped party goers home with a further fix, we just can’t help ourselves so you better look away now…

This week, we’ve done our standard shakes, 10oz smoothie cups filled with picked & mixed fizzies, jellies, gummies and other yummies.  And topped off with a Rainbow Dust sherbet straw…

Sweetie Shake 3 Sweetie Shake 2

You can order them online… https://www.thinkbubbleparty.co.uk/product-category/the-sweet-shop/

Or, you can customise them!  We love dressing things up!  This week we went all Zoella with these lovelies…

Zoella Sweetie Shake 3


Zoella Sweetie Shake 2

And then made matching milk bottles with gold straws…

Zoella Milk Bottle 1

And a bit of Paw Patrol for little brothers who can’t miss out…

Paw Patrol Sweetie Shake


Paw Patrol Bottle

And finally, some extra filled Sweetie Shakes with Candy Kabobs on the top…

Bespoke Sweetie Shake 1

Bespoke Sweetie Shake 2

All packed up and ready for delivery, along with the birthday girl’s matching balloon…

Bespoke Sweetie Shake Delivery 1

Beautiful.  If you’d like any further info about any of the above, or have your own ideas, please do get in touch, we’d love to help if we can… 07920 745854 info@thinkbubbleparty.co.uk