Balloon Care

Balloons can bring joy and happiness to the masses, that’s why we love them! But in order for them to do this, without going too balloon-diva-ish, they do like to avoid the following…

  • Sharp objects like trees, bushes or prickly, 200-year-old beams
  • Hot household lights (LEDs are fine), heaters, air conditioning units and naked flames –please don’t toast your balloon.
  • Over playful pets!
  • Being squashed into or dragged through, small, tight spaces.
  • Being man-handled – please don’t subject your balloon to physical abuse or ‘shaken-balloon-syndrome’.
  • Long, hot car journeys – balloons die in hot cars.
  • Extreme weather conditions – gale force winds, pouring rain and 40-degree heat will not bring out the best in your balloon. They absolutely love a nice comfortable room temperature, and being admired from a reasonable distance. But we completely understand some of the best parties are Al Fresco and that balloons do look fabulous outside. On a beautiful, calm day, if they’re kept out of direct sunlight they should be fine. But sadly we can never guarantee they can sustain outdoor conditions.

Please do not inhale the helium from your balloons. Inhaling helium is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.  
Please always dispose of your balloons responsibly. 

Sustainability & Disposal

Latex is a natural material which makes all latex balloons (Balloon Bouquets, Garlands & 3ft Giants) 100% naturally bio-degradable. All Think Bubble products displaying this symbol are made of latex, so if you snip off any ribbons and strings, you could even dispose of your balloons on the compost heap! Failing that, pop them in with your household waste. They will naturally decompose. They are your best eco-friendly option. 

Foil balloons (Orbz & Supershapes), whilst they’re not biodegradable, they are re-useable. They can also be refilled with either air or helium before you put them in the household waste. Once your foil balloon starts looking a little deflated, take a straw and insert it into the valve of the balloon and blow! Foils are self-sealing, you’ll know when it’s full, and you can just slide the straw straight out without loosing any inflation. This will keep them flying high even longer. When you’ve finished with the balloon, using one of our special deflation sticks, you can deflate it and flat-pack it away so you can re-use it another time. We will very happily re-inflate any foil balloon you have purchased from us with helium (proof of purchase will be required).

Prices are as follows:

Supershapes – £7.00
Orbz – £6.00
Giant Numbers – £5.00

The confetti inside our Confetti Bubble Balloons is recyclable, as are our decorative paper garlands and paper tassels. Please dispose of your bubble balloon in your household waste.

Balloon Releases

Think Bubble no longer supports balloon releases. Whilst latex products are bio-degradable, in all the excitement of a balloon release, participants rarely remove the ribbons. This causes the balloons to get caught on trees and buildings etc which ultimately equates to littering as well as being potentially harmful to animals and wildlife.  


Contrary to recent claims, there is not a worldwide shortage of helium. At current usage rates, we have sufficient helium to sustain us for the next 200 years. And, as it’s a natural gas, new sources are continually being uncovered. The price of helium however, goes up as much as the product itself.Think Bubble reviews its prices every 6 months. In the last 12 months, the cost of helium has doubled. 

Please do not inhale the helium from your balloons. Inhaling helium is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal.